Tas Kule, a 4th century BC freestanding rock-cut tomb located a few km east of the ancient city of Phokaia, modern Foça, Turkey.

This structure displays both Achaemenid period and local Anatolian (Lycian) architectural styles. With some surfaces unsmooth, it appears as though the building has been somewhat unfinished. The tomb is empty of its contents, and has a false door at the front.

Photos courtesy & taken by Dan Diffendale.


K… Korea

SNUT Daeryukgwan Hall, Seoul, South Korea
by Robert Koehler

I think this is the first example of Japanese Colonial Deco(ish) architecture I’ve ever posted. 

Background from Wikipedia:

Keijō Imperial University, or Jōdaifor short, was an Imperial University of Japan from 1924-1946. Established in Keijō city on the Korean Peninsula in 1924 (modern-day Seoul, South Korea), it was abolished by the United States Army Military Government in Korea (USAMGIK) in 1946 after the overthrow of Japanese rule…

It was later merged with 9 other colleges into Seoul National University.

Background from Flickr:

Built in 1942 as the Mining Department of Keijo Imperial University, the building has a very modernist feel. Like the Dasangwan Hall, it has a central tower that gives off a hint of Art Deco.

Registered Cultural Property No. 369


Scenes from Hong Kong

These are some of my favorite shots from our trip which was basically just one whole day to get around from our hotel in Kowloon to Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok and all the way back the hotel. It was a tiring day for my feet! 

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil